When Mom Shops

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To be quite honest, I’m not even surprised at what my mom brings back for me from her trips anymore. When I’m not being specific about what I want, I can most often that not expect that she’ll have something striped or crotchet for me. Not that I’m complaining but when you’ve gained quite an amount of weight and you’re stuck with striped pieces, it can get quite depressing. HAHA But you know what they say, the show must go on!

My mom and I have always had a love hate relationship growing up but I always looked up to her as my earliest influences when it came to fashion. I remember when she would dress me up in frilly dresses for church and I would cut them up with my baby scissors as soon as we got home and when she realized that I liked Timberland boots and K Swiss sneakers in overalls above everything else, she just kept dressing me in those. She always taught me to invest in classic pieces and not to ride on trends too much and every once in a while, I raid her closet for a quick fashion fix. She doesn’t know this…. yet.

We might not always be on the same page when it comes to the decisions I make or the life I’ve chosen to live but one thing is for sure, she sits back and lets me do it anyways. If I come home with a broken heart or a hunched back, she is always there to let me know that things will be OK and when I’m ready to try again, she’ll be there to kick me out the door. :p

I wish I was with her this mother’s day so I could tell her these things myself but unfortunately, she’s travelling her heart out in the States right now and the rest of my crazy family so I guess this blog post will have to do. In memory of Mother’s day, I’m wearing all the pieces that my mom recently picked out for me the last time she was travelling abroad. Love you, mom! Please don’t forget to get my new laptop!

Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing mom’s out there. It takes balls to be a mother- I salute you!


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Beanie: H&M| Dress: Old Navy| Sneakers: Adidas



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