when you’re THIS bored death sounds better

today was soo the drama and not the laguna beach kinda drama. it was i’m a teenage-drama-queen-god-give-me-a-social-life kinda way. yes, i was a drama queen today. buggin everyone bout how bored to death i was and crying to my mom and everything. god, i feel so embarassed right now. i even bitched at chab for a while but i had my reasons.

moving on..

yeah, i got really bored today. and like, acted up and everything which did get me out of the house unfortunately not to the best place in the world, carbon. she took me there to buy groceries. omg. and she made me take down notes for crying out loud. like, basically the prices and shit like that. i mean, it wasn’t THAT bad but not the cherry on top of my whatever but it beat staying at home mopping about how chabel doesn’t have time for her friends anymore cuz all her time’s with ken. but i get that i guess i just think it’s kinda unfair how he gets ALL her time. but i guess that’s how it is when you get a boyfriend. lol. don’t worry, i’ll know how it’s like when i have one. hardy har har.

so here’s my new things to do:
find a job that PAYS
learn how to commute in this hell
and well.. i forgot. i tend to do that alot nowadays.

and today, i finally had the guts to ask my mom if i could go to a club on saturday night. like, a club with drinking and all that shit. hopefully drugs, too. oh, how i’d love to rebel like that. HAHA. jk. my god, the look on her face was priceless cuz i knew she couldn’t say no after that speech i gave her about how my friends alway hang out and how it’s hard for me to cope cuz i go to another school and this is the only time i get to catch up and they don’t even let me and everything. i mean, it’s true anyways. they’re too stuck up on me being a junior and all that shit that they don’t let me do ANYTHING. i’m always too young for anything. geez, i wonder what my mom would say when i ask her if i can go to jamaican nights. that bitch’ll flip fo’ sho’! HAHAHAHAHA. omg, issa.

but yeah, it is true. i was feeling really down today cuz i don’t know. my cabinet is looking very empty. my hair isn’t looking the way i want it to and yeah, i haven’t been out in ages. except for the gym but everyone knows THAT doesn’t count unless you’re with friends. my gym buddy is my mom. fuck that.

oh yeah, did i mention that i have to work for my laags? fuck, i know. it’s this psycological malfunction with my mom. she’s nuts. everyone knows that. lol. i mean, honestly, she’s so righteous about how her dad made her work at a young age and all that shit and she’s trying to raise me the same way, it actually sounds pretty stupid to me, actually. cuz look, my mom’s a smart girl, i bet her dad held her back from alot/ most things in life which triggered her rebel and have me, issa, the love child/ the experiment. and let’s be honest, i wasn’t the best blessing. hell, i know i was her struggle. lol. so why the heck is she trying to raise me the same way her dad did? she must be psycho. kill the beast, yo.

whateve. the point is, i get to go out on saturday and i’m happy. this better work.

i need a bikini
i need a new top

where the hell is my sugar daddy?

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