Why Haven’t You Left Me Yet?

I keep getting these fucking epiphany’s everytime I play stupid tetris battle.

I think I am ocd or a hypochondriac because i keep thinking that something’s wrong with me. Let’s say for instance when i’m playing tetris battle and i hate myself everytime I lose because i don’t understand why I suck so bad and why I can’t stop. I won’t stop until I start wining. And that’s when I start to think that I push myself to hard. But that doesn’t stop me either.

It’s like when I start to think about my other blog and how frustrated I am that I am never contented and how I’m not where I wanna be yet. And then I spend restless hours trying to think of someway to fix it and make it better. And then I work and work like a horse.

I never know when to stop.

I don’t know why I’m so angry all the time….

Which leads me to this question, why hasn’t paolo left me yet?

I think about it constantly. I wouldn’t want to be with me. Why would he?

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