Work Out Better with FeelinGirl [Ad]

I’ve had the privilege of yet again, to work with FeelinGirl, an online website that sells thigh and waist trimmer garments, amongst other things.

Now tbh, I have no idea what these things are so I decided to do my own investigative research and here’s what I found about trainers:

Trainers are apparel that helps the stimulation of heat during work outs that may also result in faster slimming. So if you’re into sculpting your legs and need some help, you might want to check these out.

I’m guessing that a booty sculptor works the same way and it also helps in lifting your buttocks, if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve and I think that this product would be the right kind. It looks pretty durable and lightweight at the same time- helping your workouts while allowing your body to breathe.

And lastly, you have your shapewear bodysuit which helps you achieve a sleeker silhouette.

Now, I feel the need to say this- people are born with curves and folds and they are completely normal. I don’t think that we should all feel the need to hide them but I do understand that some of us feel better with them and I don’t hold that against anyone. I respect anyone and everyone’s decisions to or not wear garments like this.

Tbh, there are days when I’m not feeling so great and a body shaper helps me feel a lot better about myself & I’m not going to hate myself for that either.

So if you feel like this is something you need and want, then happy shopping. But if you’re completely fine without it- great on you and no pressure.

Happy shopping!


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