you just never let me forget

it’s finally pt’s and tomorrow finally the last day of school for this year. yes, mother! lol. and yeah, i haven’t been studying lately cuz i’ve been busy with practice and concert stuff. it’s tomorrow. yey. i can’t wait. lol.

anyways, i got home today and went straight to the PC w/o bothering to study. hehe. and yeah, francis sent me a message on friendster. he said, “How’re you?” and i invited him to the concert. i don’t know if i invited him cuz i want to see him or if i invited him for the sake of making money. honestly, it’s more on making money cuz yeah, if he’s hoping to come back then, i just don’t know anymore. i’d prefer that he’d not because that boy justd doesn’t know what he wants. but god, i know i’d space out if i saw him again. the thought scares me but i’m hopeful.

whatever na oie. i’m over it. i’m dunzoo. i think

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