you know where to find me

i had a very interesting day. sometimes i surprise myself.

i met up with amiel and his friends yesterday at moon while me and diana were studying and idk, it was just weird. like they’re not the kind of people i would associate myself with, really. so i guess i’m not going to do THAT again, 😐

and another weird thing is how i saw adrian and sort of missed him but now i’m totally annoyed by the mere thought of him. i have to stop being so love bipolar. idk, he just pisses me off in soo many ways.

another thing is this conversation me and james had. i don’t want to post it even if i could but the point is, i love him and sometimes i say that i still want him but when i rationalize things, maybe we’re both better off being friends, you know?

and the weirdest thing is that i’m at annita’s house. i slept over. yeah. pretty fucking weird.

so i’m going to the mall to hit the books again like i did yesterday. i hope amiel doesn’t attempt to catch up or anyone else for that matter. i’m not in the mood to meet people, you know?

see you around.

and p.s. i HAVE to stop spending. HAHAHAHA

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