You were ***** in the passenger seat.

am i gonna get a reward for this again?! nah!! forget about the rewards!!! my greatest reward is you babe!!! i dont need that sweaty work out we do[but yeah you know i still do.haha] Today was like AWESOME .!! i brought you to the new shs-j campus. big isn’t it? nah, forget about that im not gonna go to school there! i BASICALLY had fun in the basement[citysports] the guards were kinda annoying though! awwh even at the love couch in your grannie’s place, i had fun!! But it was totally hot inside my car! but yeah whatever!! we had fun right?  that’s the important thing! and you were happy? i just wanna make you happy,babe! im sorry for making you wanna cry!!! i was just scared!! that was the first time btaw!! so yeah LET it pass. so don’t scare me nextime, ok? cause you know that when you need me i’ll always be there!!! so don’t mess around.  i’ll see you again tom!!! let’s PLAY again. i gotta go now!!!  my eyes are falling out!!! iloveyou soo much, babe. mwaaaahaaah!!! <3

—  <3bik<3

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