1 month and 1,000,000 iloveyou’s ago


I, Jean Louise I. Chua,
I will be out of town for 5 days at CHURCH CAMP somewhere in the
province of CARCAR. Where ever the hell that might be.
Whose idea was this?
i cannot say.

What’s the purpose?
Well, what do YOU think,  juvenille delinquent?

from badassdoesn’tknowwhatshewantschurchhatingfreak to
just a girl who’s inlove [for real]

yeah, that was my post last month ago where i was expecting the worst and getting ready to die at church camp. i’m soo thankful that i joined that thing. and i’m thankful that he was there too.

yeah, it’s been a month since church camp and since my life took a major turn. 30 days and how many hours ago, was the first time we held hands and it’s been a month since i realized that i found someone i’m not letting go of and you know what? i still feel the same way i did a month ago and i pray to god i’ll feel the same way 876767483209823 years from now.

i rem. the butterflies very well and i remember exactly how you make me feel cuz i feel the exact same way everytime i’m with you even for the slightest moments. even if i’m just seeing you through a glass window or when we’re sitting together at church or when we talk on the phone or when we’re messing arpund or when we’re in your car and i just keep quiet. i know you know what’s going on in my head.

of course, it’s only been a month, i know but these feelings don’t usually stick around for as long as a month with me. i’m a very odd person like that. but you know what? evem if i’ve been having a hard time right now never for a second has the thought of going on without you entered my mind. you’re worth it. i don’t care what the rents say or do to get what they want [which is not us] , i’m not doing it. i’m putting up with it cuz you mean soo much to me. you’re more than just a summer fling or just a fling for that matter. you mean everything to me and i found what i’ve been looking for and thanks for that, hotstuff. you’re a keeper. <3

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