another saturday. what now?

today was the first day of stc’s sportfest! 😛 and once again, i broke my promise to chub that i’d ride to school with her. is it really my fault that i can’t wake up early anymore? let’s see you do it. 😛

so, i got to stc and no one was there. well, there were people but not as much as there wil be tomorrow and i can’t wait! 🙂 i just hope i don’t mess up and get grounded. it’s the latest fad.. so i’ve heard.
well, yeah. grr. mther read this part. oh well. did i do anything wrong? hm. negative i’ve been flawless. 😛
i got to buy stickers for 10 bucks! the stuff there were so cheap! god, i need money tomorrow. mother! lol. hen we caught up with chub’s friends from springdale and i think she has a new man in her life. oie chub. publicize it? sah man? lol.
chad, chab and i got to run around crazy in the rain. damn, that was fun 😀
nya m square. chub’s house. home.

i stole nina’s chick, orange. im a proud mother. 😀 but i still love fat rat. orange is really orange. ANIMAL RIGHTS please.i’ll rant later! 😛

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