today was fun. i went to church and learned how to play the drums [rem. 1234, 1234] i need practice.

then after that, me and kathya went to sto. nino. [shh..] cuz we were supposed to have practice but when we got there… none of the girls were there and like, it was soo useless if we did. so, we all left,. bahala if mangluod sila… not my problem.

anyways, we [franc, tom, rae, kevin, ian, kat, me] went to btc. it was just supposed to be me and kathya but, ambot. the boys followed us. bodyguards. tsktsktsk.

we downloaded songs then my parents, casey and the maid picked me and kathya up but they dropped us off at the convenience store then me and kathya went to have a drink at bo’s i still owe her for the brownie ala mode. hehe. i swear i’ll pay her.

we talked about random shit. it was fun, like it’s always been. once again, we walked home. and i just realized it now, but the walk home didn’t seem soo long.

we stayed in my room and we talked then chub came over! i was soo suprised! it was soo cute. she came ove and gave me her vey belated birthday git and it’s ok cuz i’m not 15 and 1 month yet, so gifts are still accpeted. i wish i’d get some more though. 😐

daghan kay ciya’g chika. and i missed her soo much. thank god she came to visit. she looks soo pretty with her new hair. yeah, change i never a bad thing. well, sometimes it is.

anyways, Doug.. thanks for the internet card. 🙂

on a search for layouts.

love ya

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