Hey people,

                It’s me again. [Who else would it be?] Well, I have been logging in lately but it was only cuz I was looking for a new layout. The one I have now is soo boring. [sorry to whoever made it. Hope it wasn’t your favorite];p but anyways, once again it’s Friday and I don’t have load, again mainly cuz I’m saving and since I was dying of boredom I decided to write a blog in advance. It’s 9:40 and the electricity just came back. It was out since like early 8 o clock. I kinda screwed up when I predicted that there would be an electricity shortage [I wanna call it that, fuck yourself!] and it happened and then I felt the moment and predicted that the black out would last more than an hour and I don’t know how it happened but… it did. I’m a… I don’t know how to spell it for crying out loud!. Basta, fill in the blanks. Raven… scoot over, please. 😀


                About my day: lalang-> have you noticed that I don’t fill you in tha much about my day? It’s soo odd, aside from my feelings… isn’t that what this thing is for? ‘Chance’ besides, no one ever reads this thing so, no biggie. :p today was fun, unlike my whole week. For 2 days Yumi, Sam, Kathya and Josh have been coming over to practice for our cheer dance. I am such a retard, you know that? Well, you should’ve cuz like at first, I really didn’t wanna join the dance cuz, well, I have my own personal reasons;p and I insisted that I would only dance with the guys and now, here I am… dancing. As a matter of fact, choreographing. Lmao. FYI: I made most of the actions for the 3rd song [bow*bow] and I’m not saying this to brag… just stating the facts and giving props to myself. But anyways, the real reason why I’m dancing is cuz my mom said she’d be really pissed if I was kept acting like a brat [by being a brat she means not dancing, of course because I absolutely love dancing] yes people, she IS my mother. [shocker] so anyways, so much for that. So, yeah. They’d come over and we’d dance after that we’d eat then talk then if we feel like it we’d dance again but usually we just get too comfortable and decide to just chit chat. The conversations are fun, if I must say so myself. Makes me think that I’ve been the problem… but still, I have no plans on devoting myself to the second year girls of MMCH. No way am I walking in their groups unless it was absolutely necessary or if I get to be in front. FYI: I don’t stand behind people unless it’s mandatory. Besides, I’m still a Theresian and damn proud of it. Haha. Call it letting go abnormalities or whatever you wanna but, that’s where my heart is and yes, my inner freak. [not that I’m not one already];p So, yeah. The mornings after that we’d be all leader-ish and teach dance steps. So far, the easiest person to teach is Gerlie… damn, that girl catches on hellah fast! [you goo girl!] But aside from her, everyone’s ayt. I admit I haven’t been paying attention to the rest of em cuz… well; this is harsh but sue me… I don’t want to. Whoopz. I’ve been lazy and still effortless. OMG: ANNE AND I ARE FRIENDS. Not that… oh, never mind.  So, as I was saying… cheer dance, yeah. Whatever. ;p


                Today was really fun though; the way to school was still boring. Today was like back to the past day for me. Reminiscing like hell and everything. Lmao. On the bus we talked a bit bout the C.I.S people that we made fun of before [Koreans] and once again, I told the world about my weird dreams. Lalang2: my dreams are definitely colored. Next goal while I’m asleep and dreaming is to remember what I was wearing! Haha. And then, when we got to school we practiced the dance. Oh wait, we still had computer. Flash 5 is fun. Thanks, Josh.J I think I got a good score. Well, at least I hope so, mine was ayt, I guess. Plus, I finished ahead of the others, even ahead of Josh but that was only cuz his was… sloppy. 😛 love ya, weirdo. After computer class was practice time. Recess was when I told Kathya about my dream. I know she thinks I’m mental. Haha. Love ya, Lezboe.


                Lunch was &&really FUN! Like, the whole time we we’re talking about anything and everything from eyes to the stupid things we did when we we’re way back in kindergarten from turtles to classmates and me getting stuck… long story and basta! Damn. Those were the days gyud. Hmmm… and then, after lunch I got in trouble for being late for math… AGAIN. After that, I just stopped talking to T. Brazil. I unno why, I mean, I’m not the type that snobs after getting in trouble it’s just that… if she was on time, I would be on time too. I know she’s my favorite teacher and everything but still, we all need work. My point is that, she makes mistakes; we did… let’s not be a bitch aboutit. You get me?


Anyways, Biology was the absolute best. Cuz we started teasing Ian Nigro like hell! We got soo crazy that I started listing down names for him from A – Z. haha. Harsh lage, but he didn’t seem to mind. But he almost did attack me after class but that was just cuz I’ve been messing with him the whole day.


take and e bulsang, kwartang mama.” J


                That’s my song for him along with plenty of other songs I’ve sung to him in the past. But the best for me was leprosy. Hehe. Kathya and I played badminton the whole “supposed to be” practice time. [Swoosh] we played with AJ and Anthony. And it was soo funny cuz Ton-Ton broke his racket! And he even did this flip that cracked me up like hell! Haha. Anthony gyud. J ~ That was hot


                Then, Kristian and I went down to the sari sari store cuz I was thirsty and he wanted to smoke. He told me that bouviere probably couldn’t graduate. Pissed me off a bit cuz he said it like it was my entire fault. And he said that it was. I stated my case and he shut up. Besides, I’m happier this way. The occasional “hi Iss – hi Bob’s” are perfectly fine. When he texts me, it doesn’t mean anything. Get over it.


                We had to ride the small bus today, samok. For some reason the big bus got super duper tired and couldn’t wait for it’s replacement. It’s a sign. We we’re all packed together but Louis saved me a seat. Thank God for relatives. J I scratched his face with my long J nails. Helloooo French tips. J J J We we’re super duper loud, well, maybe I was but still. I rest my case. :p I got down at IT Park again. Rode a jeep and went home.


                I left my phone with Francis pa gyud. Thank God he’s nice. He got off the bus and went to the house to give me the phone. It was soo ironic cuz he knew exactly where I lived. [Trying to raise eyebrows…] ironic gyud. I have a theory. Not important though.


                And that was my day and some extra thoughts to follow J


                Thanks to those who still care. Love ya. J




          E*** is such a freak, I hate her. She’s soo LAME! Grr.. she’s no mom, she talks really weird and I don’t know… she just really ticks me off. I heard she’s transferring. Hope I stay. Scratch that. BURN THE SCHOOL!

          Ina called, I admit, I won’t say it

          I miss Chub. Bitch, I’m still really busy but… I miss you J

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