to whom it may concern,

if it’s any consideration, i think i had a little bit of fun today. :p i know it’s soo not like me to do something like this but i’ve learned that yeah… i need to get out more. [but, i don’t think i’m going to after] considering the stupid questions ruth asked me which i refused to answr and the “call” that the Lord has sent me and all that stuff. i’m not denying that maybe it was a call but please, i didn’t save anyone’s life.

well, my parents dragged me to this exposure thinggy at church to feed the poor children. well, i didn’t wanna go at first since well the plan at first was that they would ditch me to go to bohol and the pastor would bring me home. nax. di gyud ko ganahan but the pastor and gis wife think that i should join the youth activities because it’s what you call “happiness” for them. i wouldn’t know honestly. lmao.

but anyways, their plans changed so instead of having a parentless night tonight… i won’t. [sob]

i don’t want to associate with those activities man gud, like it’s not my area of interest i mean, it would be but they just aren’t the kind of people i’d want to do it with.. i can’t express that much cuz everyone’s breathing down my neck. screwit. i mean, i could help and join the church if yu just let me sit down and type or play an instrument or something as long as I don’t have to interact. it’s not that im picky.. i just haven’t found my place. i’ve been effortless. :p

oh, so yeah.. i helped out right? and i even mingle with some kids.. with the help of my father, of course. and then we went to mcdonalds and talked about the adoption. turns out i might spend a lot more years here in the philly than i want to. sheesh. it’s just that sometimes, you just have to sacrifice you’ve wanted all your life for something that means more to you.

hahaiz. whatever God. i don’t know why you want us to stay. and of all the people, me. what are you keeping me from? the world? the truth?

+ blessed in an understatement. wrong decisions are overrated +

im out.


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