More dirt…



          Well, I’m not trying to destroy the school or anything but, hell that’s not right! I just wanna keep my bitches updated. I mean, just incase I haven’t told you already. ;p


Ok, let’s start from the very beginning:


In the morning:


I ride the bus to school every single morning and it’s like, exhausting! See, I go to MMCH Gorordo before 6:45 every morning and I wait there for like, 10 minutes before the bus leaves to go to JY Square [for this girl named Anne.] Then we have certain bus stops for people mainly, Paradise Village, Gaisano and Sto. Nino Village [Yumi]. After that, we’re on our way to school. At this time, people are usually playing the guitar or doing their homework or shit. [I’m new… so naturally, I wouldn’t know.] In the morning, I usually sit beside Samantha [Yumi’s best friend] and we talk about random shit. And then, when we get there, we have to climb this reaaaly high set of stairs that make you stop breathing once you get to the top! That’s usually the part that I hate the most. After that, I havta climb this other flight of stairs to get to the second floor where the high school department. TIDBIT THERESIANS: there’s only ONE floor, and ONE corridor for the high school department. KALMAHA bai! 😀

Then, I get to the classroom… blah blah blah. So, the bells rings at 7:20 – 7:30… I never really checked… remind me on that. J So, we all form two lines, one for the girls and the other one for the boys and then, we go to the quadrangle TIDBIT 2: which mind you, is like, our PREP canteen. What am I supposed to say? It’s a small school… I’m not complaining! Anyways, we all go down and then, say this prayer and then, we all turn around and face the flag pole and sing the national anthem. After that, we all recite the “PANUNUMPA SA KATAPAN NG WATAWAT” or something like that. TIDBIT 3: Their panatang makabayan is totally different!! After that, we face front and then, this teacher, Teacher Leizle or something says the morning announcements and the birthday celebrants [we usually sing for them]. Then….. we all sing the salma mater song.


“Look to the child,

Look to the child.

At Maria Montessori…

Blah blah.. I forgot.”


Then, we go back to the classroom in the same two straight lines. Once we get there, we’re given 5 minutes to fix our selves up. Then class starts.



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