Ladies and Gentlemen:

I survived my first week of school.



 Hey hey hey! Today is the end of my first week of school and I survived!! That’s definitely the highlight of my week!


I wanna and Ima tell you dirt bout my week… isn’t that SWEEET?!



      Ok, so… official wake up time is at 5:00 in the freakin’ morning but… I’m aryt with that. I wore pants and “I will not chew gum in class” … [but I’ll break all the other rules] ß [I added that line] shirt. Mom was still in Ilo-Ilo that time so, I got to convince papa to bring me to school. Hello?! You expect me to ride the bus on the first day of school… I think not!! Lmao

      Anyways, so like… when I got there almost everyone was in civilian and it was just me, Kathya, Jedd and Jet. I thought we would all be classmates but then, here’s when the bad news comes… there were TWO sections and me and Kathya were separated and she got to be with most of the people I knew. Fuck it!

      So, now… I’m spending my first year [and probably the only one] at maria Montessori children’s house with:

          Patricia: Gerard’s brother. Gerard is from USC and I met him at tennis and he likes Veronica. Veronica’s from SHS-G and I met her last year at this totally lame children’s congress. [the world is small!!!]

          Joan: no comment.. plckeeze!

          Toshio: He’s Aiko L.’s brother and like, they tease me with him! God know’s why and he’s annoying. Sorry Tosh. But the truth always hurts.

          Mikel: Number 2 and he’s like, reaaaly funny! The teacher made him promise not to tease the people in class. His favorite line, “YES, CHER!”

          Gervice: She’s short, like me. And she loves all the corny jokes I tell her and they all try to follow in my footsteps. JUST MESSING HUN! 😀

          Bianca: She came in late because she was in LA and like, she was the finale of American Idol and shit. LOL. Nice girl

          Edna: Yea.. she loves my jokes. [well, not MY jokes. Just the one’s I tell]

          AJ: Kutis Kristine chick. LOL. I think she’s our class muse.

          Josh: My son. I’ve known him for a while.. so it’s really nice having him around.

          Francis: haha. I know something he doesn’t know. Actually, I know A LOT.

          Me: class treasurer!! On the first day!! Isn’t that the BOMB?!

          Anne: Anne.. tsk3x. she made me sing in front of class on the first day and like, I love talking to her in class. She’s the shit. The bomb. But, no one can ever compare to my bitches.

          Joseph: OMG> he’s like, 18. period.

          Neil: Tud-tud! He’s Chinese… really Chinese and he like patting my head as if I’m a freaking dog.

          Ken: he’s like, the most arte guy in class. He has this obsessive, compulsive disorder, which is… disturbing cuz he throws a bitch fit whenever you touch him. Weird.

          Tom: Mayette’s EX-boyfriend. Mayette’s from STC and she was a mew student last year from Sto. Nino [must I say it again?]

          Teacher lisley: I hate her! Hate her! Hate her!

Count off: 9 [plus the teacher] 8 guys

   That’s my Monday.



   Oh, it was like, orientation! Total… BORE!!! Oh, but I rode the bus but I was a loner. And I hate it. I’m sure being a loner isn’t something that God has planned out for me to be in the very near future! And yea, I had to do this showcasing of talents bullshit and so, I sang the STC hymn and I got in hellah trouble! BTW, I got in trouble on the 1st day for my nails and earrings. I got in trouble on Tuesday for wearing flips and for the songs and for a lot of other reasons. LMAO. I’ve been naughty! ;p


   orientation with the teachers. I rode the bus again and I almost got left behind. I think I started talking to Samantha and then Yumi… I said I think! And like, I was all good. Lotz of laughs! Oh, I went to STC on this day cuz it was the first day for US and all.



   Hahaiz. Already? I’m sucha loser. I cried in the bathroom cuz I missed and still do miss STC.i don’t wanna talk about it!!



   I believe in the power of tears! So whenever I want something… I’m gonna cry!! Lol! :S bitches put me in the young writers club!! Argh. The fuck! But I’m in sports club anyways… it’s all good. Ima princess gud! Just playing.

   Oh yea, I have friends now… I told you I’m not meant to be a loner… 😀

   Please Lord; let’s keep it that way… maybe better.

      And… I went to STC again! I love it there. I wish I never left.

      I wish. I wish. I wish.


I’ll tell you more dirt in the future. I’ll do my research.


p.s. but, layla, kasey and ina are in STC. Jiggle! J



“sometimes, when I look back on all the decisions I’ve made and how hard I had to think about it… I end up wishing I never thought… THAT hard.”


-god, why’d you make me smart?!

The fuck… I’m just playing with ya! I’m stupid. I left! Ka klaru ana! 😀

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