–i will not chew gum in class–

                — as long as i can break all the other rules–

this is the last day of my life! [no offense to anybody or anything] tomorrow when i wake up at approximetly 5:30 am i can no longer claim to be a theresian [but i still will] as i step into the montessori grounds i will forever be a montessorian. [well, in over reacting! only one fourth of me will!] lmao.

i’m soo scared and excited at the same time about tomorrow. i bought a shirt and all for it. “i will not chew gum in class!” and it’s very cute. it’s soo cool how you have a shirt for everything.

mother is coming home tomorrow and i can’t wait.:D

things will be different once school starts but ill find a way to update this thinggy regularly or at the least once a week. i’m sorry. house rules.

i wish that i could outlaw house rules [esp. the use of the internet] but i have no power over that… so deal with it!

imissthissummer and allthethingswedid. imamissthissummer. imamissit.imamissit.



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