Oh my Gosh, I totally love today!! J


            Ok, let’s forget about the stressed out Issa who plays too much tennis and is too dark! The Issa that has to wake up at 8:30 in the morning and hardy has time for herself or for her friends [except Chub]. And the Issa that hardy talks or spends time with her family.


            Today was ‘awesome’ <- the wonderful words of INA. [imixoo ghurl L] I spent the whole day with my papa. There wasn’t much talking cuz we were either eating or doing something else! LMAO. Anyways, let’s not talk about my morning because, let’s just say, a couple of things or people wrecked the mood. DILI IKAW CHUB!! J Anyways, thank God papa picked me up from tennis. We we’re supposed to go to lunch right after that but I suspected he didn’t want to go out in public with me cuz of the way I looked. ;p I was sweaty from tennis gud, naturally! So after we went home and I dressed up me and my papa went to Mikado to eat Tempura since for some weird reason, I was craving for it bad!  FOMAL. [fell of my ass laughing] And hell, did I eat! It was like, sinning!


            We watched a movie… GUESS WHO?! It was soo funny! I practically F O M A L! 😀


            I got a new skirt. And I had a foot massage. It was heaven. I love playing princess!! LOLZ


            And it was soo humiliating cuz while I had my massage, I drifted off and I had this dream where I fell flat on my ass and I ended up kicking the masseuse!  Ka uwaw bai!! J hEhe.


            Oh, and someone happened to wrecked the mood, AGAIN. HEY YOU, Don’t quit your day job!


`           So now I’m home and I’m fulllllll…  eheheheh. I love being spoiled. I could earn a fortune at it!  😀


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