Thought of the day:


“I think I just captured happiness”



Yeah, I think did. Ü Well, today was aryt. The mornings are like, the only interesting parts of my days. I go to san case and have fun… and more. ;p


Well, today was fun and awkward. I mean, it was weird cuz I brought a Barbie doll to our clinic today. [I know, I’m still asking myself the same thing with CAPITAL LETTERS, WHY??] Lmao. In the morning I was like the 3rd one to get there. The first 2 were Vera and Jyl. We just did some random stuff and talked about random stuff too. Then Kit arrived so as usual, we played. Today’s a Monday and like. I wasn’t used to playing na. Amazing what two days off can do to you. ;p anyways, as usual we played our dome card game. At first I played this one person game that Vera taught me it was all good. Then, we played unggoy-unggoy. That was in court 5 though cuz Leigh, Nikki and Edgar were playing. Then, we went back to the canteen place where we played heart attack. It was my second time to play but this time, I lost. Ugh. And everyone had to “labtik” [I forgot what that is in English] me. Hahaiz. Thank god it didn’t hurt. It was all good in the morning.


I was supposed to go to mmch for my very early enrollment then, thank God we didn’t. chub was supposed to run away.. that was a problem. but then, they worked things out and chub ended up staying home the rest of the day.


Uhm, there’s nothing else to say right now so ima cut this thing short.



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