.. today is just not “one of my days” ..

oMg. this day is just too frustratin.. i think i’ve had enough of it! zZzZzzZzzZZzzZZz… wAit. not until i finish this blog. [lucky bastard]

honestly, i could go through the time and effort of cuttin myself some much deserved slack and sayin that today isn’t as bad as i think it is.. yea, i could say tha’ buh then, i’d be lying and my mOmMa taught me never to lie. [buh, we all bend the rules on “special occasions”.. consider this, normal.]

so here i go, sharin my disfunctional life to the world.. so ya’ll can laugh yer freakin heads off!

so, my “bad luck” started when i almost felll off the freakin jeepney on the corner of BBRC. it was soo humiliating! ugh. can’t believe i had the whole jeep starrin at my ass.. [well, of course.. i do get out of the car head first.]  screw that drunk driver. hope madakpan to xa!

i reached san case early today.. wel, early for me that is. it was all good.. well, i thought it would be.

anyways, edgar [elnaaa!!] got there early and since i had brought a really cool lookin takyan with me and he was the only person who was willing to play with me, YOU GUESSED IT! we played. har har.

and just about when i was havin a good time “chica chica-ing” my freakin trick knee played a trick on me!  and i was like, so affected the whole time! i mean, walking was hard enough, imagine having to JOG 8 rounds around 2 tennis courts!! MURDER!

and just about when the knee probie was working out, my mother.. my favorite person in the whole wide world HAD to suck out the little bit of happiness left inside of me! she called m up.. rightin the middle of tennis and she was all, ” can you just not go out today cuz we don’t have a maid and i need you to babysit!!” ugh. so, that meant, i couldn’t go to chub’s nalang! and i wanted to soo bad! ugh.

*what did i do to deserve this?! i eat my veggiez! *

so now, there’s the jeep, the knee, the call, the guy [i’d rather not talk about it!].. stayin home all day.. you sure you wanna hear that one?!

oMg. iT was the best.. nOt! watchin over a 2 year old and a 6 year old is like, not the best job ever! which is why im not suprised our helpers all wanna go home. i wanna run away, from my own family!

all day long, my mom was makin yaw-yaw which seems to be her god given talent. she kept tellin me how irresponsible i am. wtf?! 

*sorry lord.*

but, i’m almost over all of this now. unless i run into some more bad luck, like.. the computer shut’s down while im typin or i don’t get to save this. if i do though, someone up there feels sorry for me.

oh, and more bad and sorta good news.. my aunts from manila are comin over. i think i’ll go on the bad side right now. don’t get me wrong i miss and love them alooot it’s just.. bad timing.liman ka, wa mi katabang and then mabot cila!? kinsa ma’y mag yaya kuno beh?! ako nasad?! ah, paita gud ana!!

hahaiz. i hate today. no one to text. no one to talk to. no clothes [that are nice] to wear. no where to go.

and then there’s Lagz. just when i thought i was gettin lucky tonight…  WWWHHYYY?!?!?!?!


peace. not to lagz though.

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