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Hello and welcome to my newest blog. I have been known as The Little Black Sheep, Aa_BeBe_pHaT_, Thejeanlouise, The little sarcastic girl and what not to many of you. But this time, I’m just going to be me- Issa.

If you may not know this, I have just come back from a blogging hiatus (as seen on my last entry) in order to set aside time aside for more important things such as studying for my board exams, settling down and getting  used to living on my own, etc.
In the two months that I was gone, I frequently dreamed of the day that I would be able to blog again. Often times, I wondered what kind of blogger I would become when I made my comeback. “Will I blog about high end fashion?”, “Will I exploit my most inner thoughts and feelings?”- in short, the real question was always “What kind of blogger should I be?” 
In retrospectI guess these last months have been about finding myself. And although, I haven’t quite found me yet- I think that I am better than ever. I’ve allowed myself to make mistakes & fix them, I went out without caring about what I wore & didn’t feel bad about it, I allowed myself to love unconditionally and well, I have lived and I have chosen to continue living.
I don’t want to become one of those bloggers who can’t leave the house without a decent look on because there are going to be days when I won’t give a f*ck. There will be days that I won’t want to brush my hair or tuck in my top and I think that I deserve that. And I know that all of you will understand that as well.
I won’t be the girl with the flashy outfits, the midrib tops, butt-short shorts, designer labels either because one, my boyfriend will not allow it and two, designer labels? I cannot afford it. But I will be the girl who is honest, and vulnerable. I won’t always make the best fashion choices but then again, who does? And isn’t this why we love fashion to begin with? Because it doesn’t always have to be right, or matchy, or expensive, or neat- it just has to be about us. And I can sleep soundly at that thought.
So if you wanted to know what kind of blogger I am going to be- The only answer is, “I am going to be me.” [I am soo sorry that this rhymes!]
But anyways, here’s what you missed in the past two months:
Took my board exams
Spent time with good  friends
So, I hope you stick around for a lot of ramblings, random epiphanies, sloppy dressing and a whole lot of awesomeness!

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