Salmon Skin Roll

I think it’s important for many of you to know that I work for a big tech company during the day and I turn into a full-time girlfriend; sister; daughter; friend or whatever’s up for that day by night- 7:30 pm to be exact. So you’ll be seeing me transition from heels to flats (never sandals) and in lots and lots of corporate or what my job likes to call “business casual” attires. I’ve also become a fan of blazers, cardigans and sweaters as well because it tends to get really cold in the office so you can expect to find a lot of these here. And yes, I abuse my cover ups and I can on for weeks wearing the same thing (in case any of you are against outfit repeating)! One piece I’ve been wearing over and over again is this gold cardigan:
[Cover up: Thrifted][Wife beater: Old][Pants: IT Park Bazaar][Heels: Parisian][Necklace: Grandmother]
Aside from the fact that I work, I suffer with what I like to call “Idon’twanttogetuptoday-it is” so I’m always looking towards comfort when I dress up for work. I prefer pants over skirts so my legs are warm and staple pieces that I can put on right away especially during mornings where I’m running late or simply refuse to get out of bed. Luckily, I have this whistle necklace that I’m very attached to which snaps me out of any form of drowsiness 😉

Fashion wise, These salmon colored work pants of mine have become one of my work day favorites. They’re so comfortable and instantly chic all at the same time. Comfortable because I feel like I’m in my PJ’s and chic with sky high heels on, making me feel like I’m ready to make a million $$$’s… except I don’t make a million dollars. Hee.
The cut of these pants are quite different from a lot of pants though which makes it a little bit harder for me to pair with flats. I say this because, wearing them with flats makes me look shorter which in my case, isn’t a good thing. But then again, everything look perfect with heels.
I also prefer investing in a lot of basic pieces like one colored wife beaters, camisoles, tube tops, etc. which I find to be very convenient to have around since I tend to be a very lazy dresser sometimes. Somehow, there’s just this great sense of accomplishment in just having to throw on a blazer and calling it a day!
What are your everyday work looks?
P.S. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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