[Scarf: H&M, Top: Mosimo, Skinny Slacks: Ayala Department Store. Flats: SM Department Store, Military Jacket: Thrifted]
I love how work is always freezing cold and I can get away with wearing layers and scarves. There are days when I come to work in wool coats and nobody minds because everyone else in their fur lined parkas and trench coats- I die with envy every time.  [Ms. Jan, I mean you!]
If it weren’t for our office weather, I don’t think I would get to use this military-esqe jacket as much as I do, which would be such a shame since I love dressing up like a boy. To play it up and add a bit of femininity, I decided to put on this scarf which I figured would make up for the lack of color I had on this day. It felt like a black day. I do that sometimes.
But what I loved about this top, despite it being black, was the gold studded sleeves which allowed me to create a fairly decent look with or without my jacket on. Naturally, I took off the jacket in between and after work and the simple design didn’t leave me looking plain and lazy. (Even if I really am!)
What do you think of my boyish dressing?

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