Let It Snow!

Merry Christmas!! xx
[Reunited with my baby love, Meow. ‘Tis definitely the season!]
[Top: Thrifted; Pants: Madeeni Finds; Watch: Fossil; Bag: Bally]
Christmas is in the air! And if you’re a part of my family, the Sunday before Christmas always means one thing, family portraits.
For this year, my mother wanted me and my sister in shades of black or grey and since I was only informed of this the morning of the pictorial, I guess this was the best thing I could find since I’m still not allowed to wear shorts/ skirts. [I shall explain in my future posts]
I decided not to wear too many accessories with this outfit since the top has so many designs on it already. I do believe I was quite lucky to have bought a winter-y top a while back- who would’ve known that it would come in handy? Plus, I love how it hugs my body perfectly! Not bad, considering that this top was thrifted! 🙂
Thought I’d share some of the pictures our family took this year. I thought it would be fun to show you where I got my weird side from.
Merry Christmas!
I love you all!

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