think i could like you
i already do
feelings can grow but
they can go away too
you're taking my hand
looking into my eyes
don't be in a rush to end mid night
feel something happening
could this be a spark?
to satisfy me baby
gotta satisfy my heart

do you know how to touch a girl?
if you want me so much
first i have to know
are you thoughtful and kind?
do you care what's on my mind?
or am i just for show?
you'll go far in this world
if you know how to touch a girl

 think i could like you 
but i keep holding back
cuz i can't seem to tell
if you're fiction or fact
show me you can laugh
show me you can cry
show me who you really are
deep down inside
do you feel something happening
could this be for real?
i don't know right now
but tonight we'll reveal
do you know how to touch a girl?

music is my boyfriend <3

there’s been a weird delay in my PMS schedule. I have officially turned into an over acting, hot tempered chuva ek-ek. HAHA. i read that line somewhere and now i can’t stop saying it.

god, my mom just hogged the computer for a good hour. that was not fun.

anyways, my weeks been ok. i fitted my dress, made some money, went to school and the usual.

this weeks downer:
ISSA the Iguanna/ Hamster just passed away and i unno, that just sucked.

i need to go out and buy myself a cute top before sinulog. because.. i want to wear it on sinulog, dufus.

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