maybe i’m not meant to fly

you think that maybe, just maybe god made this
hidden contract with me that i don’t know about?
maybe he has this thing going on where i can be
completely happy, giddy,whatever on regular
days and then he completely backfres on me during the holidays?
or any happy day for that matter.

note to self:
make sure i’m not inlove on the following occasions:
valentines day
new year
i unno that many holidays but when you’re supposed to be happy
and out partying and you know it…

please do not love me.

god, this sucks. i guess you can’t always.. seize the day.
today is the worst day of my 2007. remember that. REMEMBER IT!

bad remarks on my card.
my papa totally dissed my new top.
i cut my leg
and things are not looking up from where i am
etc. etc.

and just when you thought this day couldn’t get any worse, it just did.
i was feeling a bit emo and decided to put on some grey nail polish since black isn’t my thing anymore and while looking for it, a bottle shattered on my legs and now, i am completely horrible.

but i know that this is the right thing to do. i know that even if i’m loosing something worth soo much to me,i would be gaining back so much more.

fuck that. maybe i’m just trying to sound ok. maybe i’m not.

tonight is the perfect night to be emo.

i’m goin to stop talking now

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