A Feew Reasons why I Love Bik and ONLY Bik

1. because of THIS ^ smile.
2. because i now know what he’d look like with shaped eyebrows.
    [are those shaped or do you just look like your sister?]
3. because i love his shirt here.
4. because bike riders are sooo fetch [shoot me for using that word].

1. because of this ^ smile
2. because if he didn’t look so retarded and not to mention, high in this picture, you’d notice how he’s the most attractive one. [guess that makes me lucky? :>]
3. because he really does look fat and odd looking here. [that’s MY type. hahahahaha. some type.]

1. because of this^ smile.
2. because he looks buck toothed here.
3. because he looks like he used to be fatter and therefore, squishier to hug.
    [and i know one day he’ll be fatter and he’d be such a good pillow]

1. because of this^ smile
2. and because he looks retarded here [and only I can love this retarded face. so yeah!]

1. because of this ^ smile / look
2. because if he’s trying to look seductive OR sexy, it isn’t working and i doubt it ever will so i am comforted by the fact that he CANNOT pull off a sexy look even if he tried. [and i know because i’ve seen his other looks and god. not pretty!]

and reason 38,647,856,985,789 :
because i just love him unconditionally and it’s pretty gross. but i don’t seem to care.

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