Have you ever screwed up so
bad that you actually know that the results of your actions will leave a
permanent scar on your family for like, ever?

 If you haven’t, then how’d
you like to live my life? Where the only place you have in this tiny home of
yours is your room.

 You wouldn’t believe the
shit I got myself into this time…

 So I guess I have a problem.
A lot actually.

 I love alcohol. [but my
parents don’t know that]

 According to my parents I


 A spoiled [rotten.
Redundant, I know. They MUST mean it]

 Shameless and a whole lot

 But all this had been
concluded due to my… [drum roll, please]

Foul mouth. Wow.

It’s so hard trying to tell everyone this with a light heart. Hey, despite all
the drama in my life, I’ve managed to have a good day. Give me a break.

       So yeah,
you probably want a story and since I’m at the peak of my enthusiasm, a story I
will give.

due to very unfortunate events, I left my 2 mobile phones on our kitchen
counter where I was charging them. And my father, being the very respectful
person that he is, decided to scroll around and happened to come across my sent
items that contained foul and ill comments about him that I said the night
before because I was mad and like my mother, we become very vulnerable and
tackless when we are.

       A meeting
was called on my behalf at around 11 something to 1 pm. James, mother and
father were there. Tears were shed, words were spoken, voices were raised, etc.
etc. And after everything was said and done, in the end, I was the bad person.
I was the one who completely ruined this family. I was the one who was
ungrateful of the love, effort, tears and blood given for this family. In the
end, I was the one who every one was sick of. And that just sucks.

       I had to
go back to the LTO today to take my tests. It was funny and refreshing cuz I
managed to get everything done all by myself. James left for Dumaguete with his
family. Of all the times to leave.
It’s really sad. I think he’s avoiding me now. God, I’m loosing everything.

       I paid
1,000 pesos instead of 247.63 cuz I’m a cheater like that. The advantages of
doing so? I got all the answers to the driving test. HAHA.

that, since mommy didn’t want me home, I went to chabel’s place. We had a photo
shoot after pigging on Mcdonald’s c/o Ken Hubahib, Chab’s boy. It was fun. But
I missed James.

       And the
more I miss him, the more it feels like he doesn’t want to be around me during
these times- the times when I feel like complete crap.

       My mom
actually said that I don’t deserve James and that he’s too good for me. If
that’s true then I’d give him up if he wanted that. He deserves better anyways.

       I feel
bad right now. I’ll follow up when I’m not feeling so godly.

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