All I’ve Ever Been Was Candid feat. Jade Caballo Photography






Recently, my friends and I have been trying to figure out what kind of personalities we possess whether we’re controllers, feelers, entertainers, thinkers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the different sides of ourselves accompanied by many, many tests to determine which traits distinctly describe the type of people we are.

Paolo will tell you all that I am a feeler based on the many, many times I’ve cried over a run over cat or from losing at NBA 2k15. My friends will tell you that I’m an entertainer based on how I enjoy being the life of the party and love for pleasing people. While on the other hand, people I work and have worked with will tell you that I’m a complete controller and that if I could do everything on my own, I would.

We took the tests and all my results pointed towards the direction of me being a controller first, entertainer second, thinker third and SURPRISE! SURPRISE! a feeler last. Honestly, none of this really matters but I just thought it would be fun to talk about since I really enjoyed discovering that part of myself over the past two weeks.

But really why am I talking about this?

Waking up in the morning and choosing what to wear takes a lot personality. My controlling side will tell me to fix my hair; have my top altered or maybe even pre- plan an entire months worth of outfits, my thinking side will base my outfit decisions on the occasion or on the weather, my entertainer side will often consider an outfit’s audience impact while my feeler side (or perhaps, the lack of it) will just not give a fck about if I want to put make up or a decent outfit on or not. Having said this makes me believe more and more that no one can ever have just one distinct style.




Writing this blog, I feel like I really want to talk about one thing but I am finding myself talking about another because my thinker side is telling me that this might not be the right outlet for my emotions as of the moment.

So I will leave you all with this, be whoever you want to be whether it is someone who uses their heads too much (or hardly at all), someone who loves the company of others, someone who likes to take the lead or even someone who is compassionate even when others cannot see the need for your kindness. 

And for the love of God, dress however you want to dress and don’t let trends dictate you!






Hope you’re loving this set and the silly sides of me that Jade Caballo has captured beautifully. I always love it when they let me be the goofball that I am and especially when they capture it in photos!

And if you haven’t yet, check out our first set of photos by Jing Pascual.

P.s. CONGRATULATIONS, JING! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and many children to take lots of photos of. They are lucky kids!! <3 I’m so happy for you and your beautiful mermaid wife (whom I wish to meet soon!) Lots of love!



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