I hate it when Paolo raves about something I cannot relate to, one concrete example being his love for Banapple. To his memory, it was a mom & pop restocafe across Ateneo that he and his friends would frequent which catered sinfully good cakes and breakfast meals (P’s favorite of the offerings).

Fortunately for me, his love for Banapple is now something that I can enjoy and share with him as they HAVE FINALLY LANDED IN CEBU!
A mini pop- up offering the best of the best of Banapple is now located at the 3rd floor of Ayala Center Cebu (in between Rai-Rai Ken & Dessert Factory). For now, they are currently offering pasties, pies and an assortment of desserts but make sure to check my site occasionally for more updates!

I haven’t had all their offerings yet but I was able to indulge in their famous banoffee pie and lemme-tell-you, it was so good, I almost licked the container dry. The cream was so good, fluffy and heavy; it was almost hard to believe that a slice of it only cost P130.00. Not to mention the mixture of the coffee crust, bananas and chocolate in between. You don’t’ need to love sweets in order to appreciate this pie. Trust me.

Find out more about them on their official website, Facebook & Instagram page!

See you there,
Issa P.


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