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¬†Is it bad that I’m only getting starting to enjoy exploring with “print on print” now that it’s completely obsolete? Perhaps. But then again, I’ve never been the one to enjoy trends that much anyways.

When it comes to trends, I’m admittedly always a step behind. I didn’t know keeping a “clean” Instagram was cool, I thought lace ups were still called gladiators, I also thought culottes were just long pants and the list goes on. Thank god minimalist dressing is in because now my lack of effort can finally be justified.

But then again, who wants to be like everyone else? I’ll be the pop of color when everyone’s in white washed neutrals!

Trend or no trend aside, just be you. Fashion is an expression of what you are and it fills in the gaps with words that need not be spoken. And remember, history repeats itself when it comes to fashion… so hopefully, this look will become relevant in a couple more years!







Dress used as top: Cotton On| Skirt: Given| Sandals: Carcar

Photography: Chay Ramirez



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