Black, White and I’m Over Using This Bag Again

Faux Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok

White polo shirt: Loalde

Aztec printed shorts: Trendable PH

Flats: Follie

Bag: HK Find

You can tell it’s one of those no make up days when I’ve got my trusty cap on. Luckily for me, I can still be in “style” while hiding my hideous face with my faux leather cap that I scored from Gaisano Tabunok for just P 109.00!

Don’t you just love a great deal? I swear, it was worth the long travel!

Also, I recently found out that Follie shoes (commonly seen in Ayala Department Stores) are actually made in Car Car! And although it doesn’t make much of a difference since they sell for the same price, knowing stuff like this is pretty cool.

Brand bashing aside, I hope your day goes as well as a white button down shirt.

I say this because you can never really go wrong with a crisp white button down, right?

Unless of course you’re this guy…

Just kidding. This is a classic!



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