This Saturday will be my first ever triathlon. I’m not going to do the full tri but instead, I’ll be on the biking leg. Baby steps. 

I had to get really serious with training already since I only have a few days left to train and quite honestly, I’m really starting to hate biking around IT Park. Aside from the fact that there are too many health hazards, there are too many distractions.

I haven’t gone a month training there without stopping to talk to friends I meet along the road which is bad for my momentum and pacing. So today, I decided to just wake up and start biking. I didn’t bother to shower (although I never really shower before biking. It doesn’t make sense.) or brush my teeth either.

Just so I would be too embarrassed to stop over and talk to people which would lead to my training time being used up.

Glad to say it worked!

So if it was YOU who was calling me earlier thinking you could distract my game… then you were wrong. STINKY BREATH CONQUERS EVERYTHING!

Good morning xx

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  1. You are entertaining me too much here. Hahaha. Good luck on the triathlon thing, I know it’s done but I know you’ll do more of those so yea. It’s really cool, something Id prolly give up on after say, 20 mins of running 5 km/hr. =)))

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