Caffe Dara~~ Love, Sweet, Savory & Magic


Love, sweet, savory & magic! Not exactly how I would imagine using these 4 words in one sentence but it’s definitely charming, delightful, delicious and homey at Caffe Dara!


This is what I love about Caffe Dara:

Caffe Dara
1610826_729523880475662_4536942948532716972_n  I love the cute graffiti/ wall art that is plastered all over the walls, the cozy environment and the fact that it’s a good place to go to if you feel like getting away from the common hang out places in the city.


The warm coffee, other drinks to choose from and lots of dessert are definitely SWEEEEET! I love how they use geography in their drinks [lahugccino, among other names] and the cute containers/ drinks that they serve.

Ok, I’ll be honest… I mostly love how they serve beer at any time of the day! Scroll down for their STRAWBERRY BEER.

Caffe Dara
Blue Lemonade
Iced Dara Latte
Almond Cheese Cake
Strawberry Beer
Sauna Tea


The different Korean food available on the menu! They have so many food that isn’t common is other Korean restaurants and I’ve seen their upcoming menu which is also equally awesome.

Caffe Dara practices an open kitchen policy which means that anyone can go in the kitchen and check the ingredients they use to see if they’re safe to use which I think is totally cool. I’ve tried almost everything on their menu [even the ones that haven’t been served yet] and it’s definitely something everyone who loves to eat should watch out for!

Caffe Dara
Spam Mayo Rice
Dara Dara Toast
Cheese Noodles
Korean Military Fried Rice (Actual Korean fried rice served in the military. True Story. The owner recently served in the Korean army for 6 months)


All the wonderful memories and the great time you have when you’re there!


Caffe Dara has been one of my most recent hang out spots whenever I have time to just sit back, enjoy good food, wonderful company and even to just relax. I’ve also been getting most of my make up here since they also sell Korean products there for cheaper prices.


For those who are wondering about their other products, here’s their menu:
Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara

Caffe Dara is located at One Kenji Place, La Guardia St., Salinas Drive, Cebu City.

Operating hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 mn

Contact no.: 0915-390-8611


See you there!



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