can you f’in dream like me?!

Jean Louise I. Chua IV- Platinum                                                     June 25, 2007


Of Dreams and Little Wishes


          It’s funny how dreaming comes so naturally for all of us.
And it’s silly how some of us dream and dream our all lives and wake up one day
to the bitter reality that we’ve either dreamed too much or we haven’t been
dreaming enough. Another funny thing about dreaming is how they are constantly
changing which just goes to show how we never really know what we want.


          When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being a
princess locked up in a tower with lots of toys and candy. I used to dream and
believe that if I dreamt that I was a princess long enough, I’d eventually turn
into one.


          As time few by, I realized that there wouldn’t be any
castle or rooms full of toys or candy. So to channel my disappointment, I
dreamed of different things. Things I could picture myself actually being.


          I dreamt of being a veterinarian (because I love animals),
a professional dog-handler (because I love dogs more than any animal in the
whole world), a writer (because I love to write), an actress (because I think I can act), a lawyer (because I
love steamy debates and I’m a good liar too), an internist (because that’s what
my mother brain washed me into wanting to be) and so many other things.


          And like many dreams, these wishes easily left as soon as
they came and I was again faced with endless possibilities of what I wanted to


          But among all the things I’ve wanted and wished for, my
dream of being a fashion designer is the only real dream I’ve ever wanted to
accomplish more than anything in the entire world.  It’s just something that I’ve seriously wanted
to be. And I could tell you all the reasons why but I’d rather not. [hehe]


          If I could have all these things, that’d be great! I swear,
I’d be nothing but grateful. But if I’d have to choose between a life of glitz,
glamour and luxury over the one thing that I’d rather have for the rest of my
life, I’d change everything I’ve ever wanted in a minute. Because the truth is,
the one thing I truly dream for in life is to be happy – truly happy.


I want
to live the kind of life which doesn’t require me to look back and wish I did
this or wish I didn’t do that. I want to live a life surrounded by family and
friends and tons of blessings.


let the package fool you, mister. I’m just a simple girl with simple wants and
wishes, is all. I’m not that high

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