Canvas Bistro Introduces Their New Snack Menu


The Canvas Bistro has just launched its brand new snack menu created by the resident chefs for the local Cebuano population. Canvas, which is popularly known for their Australian/ fusion cuisine has added brand new, delicious and filling items that are sure to keep your stomach’s full and hearts happy after a long shopping filled afternoon.

With lots of items to choose from such as pastas to pizza breads, sandwiches and more, you’re bound to come back for that distinct taste of flavor and technique that can only be found at Canvas.

Here’s their new snack menu:



A few weeks ago, I, along other Cebuano bloggers, were given the opportunity to sample Canvas’ new snack menu. But don’t let the name fool you, their daytime are heavy enough to fill your stomach’s throughout the evening but in case your appetite is bigger than mine, there’s absolutely no harm in staying over for dinner as well. All their meals are worth staying for!

Here are a few of my favorites:


Fried Fish Aioli Sandwich @ P150.00


Spanish Sardine in Olive Oil Pasta @ P 175.00


Sardines, Onion and Cheese Pizza Bread @ P 125.00


Cheesy Tuna & Apple Sandwich @ P 160.00

Check out Canvas Bistro during your next mall trip! They are located at the 2nd floor of the Ayala Terraces and are open during mall hours.

Or you may contact them at 417 1978 for deliveries.

Also, make sure to check out their art installations where they feature different local artists at a time. Here we are creating our own masterpieces!



‘Til next time,

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