crazy times

omg,i haven’t updated in soo long, you guys [the very little people who actually read this blog] probably thought i was dead by now. but i’m not. i’m as alive as i could possibly be and my life. omg, my life has been one crazy ride. [and i say this like i’m about to die because this, my friends is important]

so let’s start from last friday:
james went to the house and we just hung out and it was good. it was weird when the little cousins came, though but everything else was good.

went to church early so i could play tennis. then we went to youth service and ayala. nothing interesting though.

went to church and decided that i wanted to become a sunday school teacher.

monday – tuesday. who cares?

wednesday –
nikki ong’s debut at her place. went with james, abi, nikki tan, richard, carlow and other people. the party was fun. parts of it really ruined my day though. i don’t and won’t talk about it.

any day BUT today.

i practically spent the whole day crying. seriously. i was mad at james. no. more like hurt. we fought. that sucked ass and i was completely ruined the whole day long. that sucked.

but we talked it out. james went to school and we talked [well, i cried] and like all things, we got over it. don’t ask me why, don’t comment if you know.


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