for you to notice

i do not base my relationships on the amount of money someone has or the car he drives or the people he knows. i do not choose who i give my heart to because it’s what people tell me to do or because or because it’s practical or because i can show him off. i do not love someone especially for what they have but i love someone because of who they are what they have although it may not always be much and because there is something in that person that makes me feel like i want to be that person to put a smile on their face every single day.

that is why i don’t appreciate it when people talk about love like it’s a trust fund. so what if he’s not as rich as your ex husband? what is wealth when you’re miserable all your life? it’s people like YOU that i hate the most. GET A LIFE. life with money MAY be easy but it’s not always the perfect picture.

you should know. you’re still married to a wealthy man who cheats on you and beats the hell out of you. Go forth and marry another rich guy. because you refuse to marry someone lower than him.


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