forum queen

well, if you must know what i’ve been doing well, then i guess i’ll have to say it with pride.

world, for the past 2-3 days i have been on and off the internet to do nothing but forum, forum and forum. i don’t know. for some reason this feels weird to me. foruming is soo 6th garde for me. lmao.

my forum haven?

yeah. ok, i know. i’m obsessed with my hamsters. but sadly, people in the forums seem to think i have amateur hamster handling skills. geez, louise. whateve.

i need money to buy these bitches the shit they need. lol. yoiu know love them. haha

new cage, food, bedding, water bottle, bigger wheel


i’m supposed to be out but by a very likely twist of fate. i’m not.

big blessings for the week:
tita tina’s place today
rzor 🙂

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