From AM to PM

The focus of today’s entry will be these shorts. These glorious shorts from Trendable PH.

Basically what my lazy as always self was trying to do was use these shorts as my main piece and just try to work around it to create a day- night look. And yes, this time I have pictures for proof! (Disclaimer: My night photos aren’t as decent as my day photos but what do you expect from a point and shoot camera?)

Day look:

Imitation Raybans: Sutukil| Basic white tank: Forever21| Cardigan: On The Byas| Watch: Fossil| Shorts: Trendable PH| Sneakers: Converse

Forever a Chucks girl!

Last Friday was an extraordinarily busy day for me. I was overwhelmed with meetings and back-to-back events that I didn’t have the necessity to go home and change.

So what does a busy bee like me do? Simple, OVER STUFF MY BAG WITH LOTS OF CLOTHES! Sike. Just extra heels and a blazer!

Blazer: Laundry Clothing| Heels: Celine

I definitely think the blazer fixed all my fashion woes that day. And might I add, Laundry Clothing did an exceptional job at making sure I didn’t look like trailer trash for my event that evening. (THANKS A LOT, GUYS! :D)

It took me a long time to finally invest in a good blazer (my bad. No, my wallets bad) but I finally have one and for anyone who’s hoping to get a quick fashion fix, blazers are definitely the best way to go. I’m pretty sure it gave my look the upscale and sophistication it needed for that evenings event.

Oh, and look who it is! It’s BABEFORFOOD! Thanks for taking my photos again ^_^

Come back tomorrow or the next or ’til I get the chance to blog again to find out where we went and what we did that night!




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