Swap & Wear: The Swap Party with Tomato Time

Last Saturday, I along with my other fellow bloggers, were invited to check out one the newest fashion crazes to hit Cebu- Swap watches by Tomato Time.  The event was held at Alcology and was organized by Crinnovent Corp. (hi Ms. Jodie! Thanks again for the invite!)

And although it was not only raining but also flooding in Cebu, I’m proud to say that a lot of Cebuanos were still able to make it to the event… even if most of us were a bit late. (ehem* ehem* guilty!)

Now about the product. Drum roll, please!

Swap watches by Tomato Time

Swap watches are the newest fashion trend to hit the City. Having been released in Manila for a while now, they have already caught the attention of other bloggers and personalities in the area.

What makes this product unique from the others is your ability to mix and match it with anything and everything according to your outift, mood or personality.

The set mainly compromises of the watch face and strap that comes in different designs and colors from a gold watch face, to a mirrored one and endless colors of straps to choose from.

Not only are they versatile pieces, they are also hella affordable! With the watch faces costing at P500.00 and straps at P350.00, it’s easy for anyone to get addicted to it and well… throw their own watch party!

The Cebu Fashion Bloggers were lucky enough to be given a free set (perks!) but for those who are interested, they are available to the public for P1,000.00 which includes 2 straps and a watch face.


Screenshot from @beautyormadness with Yves Caminge and Rabsin dela Cruz

For my watch, I opted to go for a bright red strap with a mirror face. I thought it stood out with what I was wearing that night and well, who doesn’t love red, right?

Check it out!

Dress: Forever21| Heels: Celine

Swap Watches by Tomato time are located at SM City Cebu, Mandaue front KFC. By the way, they have an amazing staff!

I couldn’t contain myself that I bought a second strap so Paolo and I can mix and match. We even share watches now-well, this watch at least. Yeah, we’re that couple. harhar.

You can add like them on facebook here,

Follow them on instagram here,

or check out their website here.

Photo: with Cebu Photographer, Paul Gotiong. Thanks for the picture!

A special thanks to Paul Gotiong for these photos!

See you at the next party!



14 Replies to “Swap & Wear: The Swap Party with Tomato Time”

  1. I got my starter kit when it just came out in the market, in red and white straps and black watch face.

    Been meaning to buy more, but it’s not available in Tomato Subic. Lucky Cebuanos, Tomato has brought SWAP over there!

    1. I really love their new watch faces! man, it’s a bit addicting noh? hehe.

      Come nalang to Cebu and buy. Meet pa tayo 😉 hehe. jk. or not hehe

  2. Swap watches are cute. I love that they come in so many different colors and design. If I were a teenager or nasa 20s pa din, I will surely buy a couple of them. Hihi. I’m on my 30s na so I don’t think it fits my age and lifestyle.

    1. Hindi naman, I think our youth is like diamonds… they are forever. Kahit sino can wear them. Like boots, hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako nasasawa and I’m 23 so medyo pushing it na rin hehe! ^_^ pero if you’re really sketchy about them and fitting them into your wadrobe pero you really really want it, use it as a sports watch. get a bright, catchy color and match it with any sports attire and you’re good to go. I think that’s the best way to use it if you just want to have fun with it! 😉

  3. I like this idea of swaping the strap of the watches, you can match it with the color of your outfit if you like. I want to have the white strap and black watch.

    1. Black and white are definitely the basics. I have a taupe colored one which is my basic color and a bright red one (that you can see here) it’s a really fantastic watch and I’m really enjoying it! hehe. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. wow! so nice! your invited to the event! and it’s nice that swap watch is now here in Cebu! i got mine from manila months ago when they launched there! you look so fab!

  5. Hi, Issa! Thanks for joining us despite the weather. Love your pose where you’re looking at your wrist 🙂 I’m starting to get addicted to the SWAP watches too. See you on our next event 🙂

    1. Hi Ms. Jodie, it really was my pleasure! 🙂 Thank you for having us again! Feeling true ra kaayo ko sa akong poses but well. Hehehe. See you soon!

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