I just wanted to let you know that everything in my life is dandy.

The start of the year was a bit meh but I feel like I’m in a good space right now where I’m finally learning how to handle my life a lot better. On some days I wish I could be richer and buy myself a Jimny or a Juke but you know some of us just don’t have that luxury. lol.

At one point, I felt like God was listening to every.single.prayer I made which made me realize that I wasn’t being very specific with the things I had been asking of Him. For starters, I prayed that I would be soo busy that my days would be soo filled that I no longer had space in my head to think about the loneliness I felt and He provided so much that I didn’t quite have time for anything. So I decided to pray for dog days that it eventually made me soo bored I could almost hear the ants marching on our counter table- it was horrible. So I learned to be smarter with the ways that I asked God/ the universe for things.

Now, I just want my days to be filled with opportunities that will allow me to grow in my craft; business; knowledge and the like. That I have time to come home to my family and enjoy Facebook video calls or watch Paolo play on his PS while I write down this blog entry or even binge on a documentary like I’ve been planning to. I pray for enough time to camp out under the stars even if it means rushing from an event to the mountains and you know… stuff like that.

I pray for head space and clarity and long, thoughtful moments of emptiness that I can fill with my most wildest thoughts and imaginations…

You know, the normal stuff.

But in general, I wanted to let you know that I am happy. I am contented but I am still thirsty. I am curious and eager to learn. I am also hungry at it’s already 11:28 pm.

I also might have a fever so I’m gonna watch some Harry Potter and not charge my phone until the morning cuz I left my wire in the car.

Love you & thanks for listening. I miss you.



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