Hey, You

Hey you,

Belated 10th. I know we don’t talk as much as we used to and I’m not running home to get on my pc and write on you as much as before but I’d have you know that if you were a person, I’d hug you. If you were a good looking male, I’d probably sleep with you and make you my boyfriend because that’s what you’ve been like to me for a past 10 years. Scratch that, you’re better than a boyfriend- you never talk back.

Thanks for existing [well actually, thank my 14 year old self for creating you] and for reminding me that life doesn’t actually suck and it’s sucked much worse before but I still made it through that.

You’re 24 now AnD YoU No LonGeR TaWk LaYk DiZ. You’re a little more sophisticated, you pay rent, bring home the bacon and hopefully by next year, you’ve been able to travel the world at least a little bit. The dreams you wrote about 10 years ago may or may not have come true yet or ever but you’re still pretty goddamn fabulous, sailor mouth and everything.

So happy birthday, aa_bebe_phat_aa. You’re literally a dump… but you’re mine. <3

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