How To Style: Metallic Pleated Skirts

Anyone will tell you that wearing a loose top with a loose skirt is unflattering and will make your frame look shorter which is probably something you would want to avoid if you have a petite frame like I do. But no one will tell you how liberating it is not to care about looking taller or shorter and how rewarding it is to be able to hide your belly in this outfit especially after 5 dishes of Mexican food. So forget the rules, here’s how I style my metallic pleated skirt anyways!

This skirt has been around since last year and I’ve been able to get a hold on this bad boy since I first saw it. I was thinking about doing a more in depth version of this but unfortunately, I never really got around to doing it but I have been sporting this bad boy for quite a while now. It’s been a great companion on “fancy” events or even when I’m out doing chores.

Top: Forever21| Skirt: H&M| Watch: Michael Kors| Flats: Car-car| Glasses: Specs by Charlie

I am aware that I gained weight,

Issa P.


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