I can feel the pressure

As long as i keep myself busy and as long as everyone else keeps themselves busy, i won’t have to worry about anyone remembering that it’s my birthday. and so far, everyone, including myself is and i’m pretty sure they’ll stay busy until the28th and then my problem is over. lol.

i’ve been pilled up with term paper making [mine and mary anne’s group. yes, they’re paying me], Les Mis practices, Cheer dance [yeah bitch, i joined], volleyball , tennis practices [which i’ve been so terrible bad at lately] and to top off all this glorious hecticness, james. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! [god. not good. lol]

around 15 people’re coming over after lunch to practice for les mis and then we’re gonna have the recording and then idk, i hope by then i’ll still have time to hang out with james. we kinda need the time, lately we’ve just been two big disappointments. yes, that’s what i’d like to call ourselves, disappointments. </3

idk na gyud. lately he’s been acting soo weird. pushy. demanding. hot headed. a tad bit unreasonable. i’d like to sad i’m getting tired of it all just so i can get out but i can’t because well, maybe i am a bit tired but i’m holding on. maybe october is just a bad month for us, idk. i hope so, though. i feel like crying. that’s the most frequent thing i’ve been doing this whole week. someone shoot me.

i think we’re fighting again. i don’t know what’s wrong with us. it’s sad, really.

god, help.

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