Island Souvenirs: Cut & Style 2015


Pit Senyor, everyone!

What a wonderful time it is to be a Filipino, with our extended holidays and the Pope recently visiting our country. Life’s definitely been great on my side of the world with the Sinulog festivities recently wrapping up and some really good news which I hope to share with you all in the upcoming months.

As the blog title and poster shows, I was in fact one of the bloggers chosen this year to help out with Island Souvenirs Cut & Style festivities. Sinulog is definitely not what it used to be before- it’s much more festive, colorful and most of all, fashionable!

So along with my other blogger friends of Cebu namely Etienne, Jean and Faith we shared our fashion expertise with the Sinulog shoppers and helped them pick out the perfect cuts and styles for their body types and preferences.



It was really a great opportunity to meet you guys and I specifically enjoyed helping out the more how should I say this… “mature” age group.

Believe me, the women of that generation have still got it! 🙂



With my girls Jean and Faith.

First of all, let me just say how I love hanging out and having random conversations with these two! I’ve come to the realization that you actually can  choose your friends and these two will always be on my list so I’m always happy to be around them every chance I get!

Now for my outfit of the day:




I have to admit my color palette for the day wasn’t very well thought of- I really think I should have worn something more bright and festive! But one thing I’ve learned after these many years is that when you want to seem “professional” especially at events, it’s best to stick to basic colors- in my case, black and shades on bronze.

Not only was I stylish, I was also comfortable which was really the main goal when I was putting this outfit together.




I especially love the leather detailing on my top and even if I’ve had this for over a year, it’s still in mint condition and as good as new!

It’s really the best kind of top for someone like me who still cannot fully commit to everything girly or boyish at the same time. #identitycrisis

Hat: Cotton On| Peplum Top: Forever 21 (gifted)| Pencil skirt: Forever21| Combat Boots: SM Department Store

Til the next,


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