issa – the wedding singer – not

saying what the freak sounds soo cool. i think i like it now

anyways, im back at the granny’s house again. ever since i got here, i’ve been online and that not a bad thing,  in case you were wondering.  i’m actually glad to be here for the first time in sucha loong loong time. lol. ever since i don’t know when, i’ve been deprived of using the pc at home. unless casey’s online and i get to sneak a few seconds on it. god, don’t you think there should be an age limit for when you can officially  start invading the pc? hai nako. i swear. next thing you know, she’ll have her own xanga. this is trouble. invasion of public privacy much. lol. ok, you don’t have to understand that one. lol

anyways,  hence, the title, i’m here so i can go straight to the make up place tomorrow. i secretly want them to shape my eyebrows like they did during prom. lol. so, i guess it isn’t much of a secret anymore now, is it. lol  but yeah, for no good reason. haha. and i liked the way the shaped it last time. why am i talking about this? lol. superficial much?!

and yeah. i’m singing tomorrow. and i haven’t memorized the lyrics to the songs either. oh my. haha.

and oh yeah, im joinning a swimming competition on the 3rd. im scared though and i don’t think i wanna train anymore. i’m too lazy to. plus,i made plans. cooking on the 24th. guitar on the monday after that and baking again. and yeah, i kinda wanted to go to the beach with friends this thursday too. so, im kinda stuck but i can fit all those other stuff into trainning, right? i hope i can. i hope mom still says yes.

anyways, i’m watching zoey 101. this girl can sing. haha.

my days have been ok, iguess. i’e been doubtful here and there bur.. until further notice, i’, keeping it all to myself. not until i’m ready so yeah.

i want my own randy clein


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