i call myself the drama queen of park vista townhomes

im back home now. yey! lol. i think it’s been hard for me to update nowadays basicalluy cuz i’m not home alot or cuz, there’s nothing to be emo about anymore or any of my usual teenage drama that entertained a lot of people. carl, i’m not sorry for bitching at you. you are a bad bad person. lol.

anyways, today was ok.i spent the night at the grandmother’s again. it sucked that they didn’t have aircon though. i woke up sweating like hell. pffft. and you said i could do it. eat that. lol. so, yeah,i woke up and ran straight to the pc again. their connection was ok too.unlike the crapy times way back then. nowi can actually do something on their pc. three claps for them. lol. then we went to the doctor place to pick up the xrya results. they were good. not cancer :c wtfreak. lol. and then, we went to ayala to meet up with kryste, jannice and michelle. i know i’m supposed to call them aunty or tita or something. lol. i don’t really want to though so, i guess i won’t. lol.it was ok. yeah. i espcially had fun talking with krystle. i see told me about some  of the shit she did back in highschool and it was soo cool. lol. makes me think. :))

and yeah, im back in the house doing nothing but sit in front of my pc and start being emo again, good god. lol, i wonder what color my mood ring turns when i’m emo. uhh.. showoff. lol.

anyways, i could rant and rant and rant if i wanted to but.. no. nothing can change anything at this point. sparks are flying and some’re getting hurt but that doesnt really matter right now and it never will and why the hell is da vinxi code r18. fucker.


so, yeah. today. bits of yesterday. and.. tomorrow

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