#issalakwatsera: What I Wore To Hong Kong (Day 3)

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I’m not as much as a traveler as I would have wanted although I do intend to fix this problem very soon. Hong Kong, being one of the first places I’ve been to other than the States and some parts of the Philippines, was a bit hard to dress for. The reason why I am only posting 1 ootd out of the 4 days that I was there is because I spent those days walking around in shorts, a shirt and sneakers or slippers.

I really underestimated people when they said that we’d be doing a lot of walking so if you haven’t been to Hong Kong yet and you’re planning to, make sure to pack your most durable and comfortable shoes and make sure to wear socks!

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Not a lot of advice (yet) when it comes to what to wear or what to pack because we all know that I am not a pro. However, if I were to impart you with any bit of knowledge, I do make sure to bring the following every time I travel, even if it’s just to Manila:

1. Nipple patches (because no countries wants to see your bra straps)

2. A jacket/ scarf

3. Sneakers

4. A hat that does not take up so much space

5. Hollywood tape

2015-09-29 10.57.12 12015-09-29 10.57.14 1

Straw hat: Ladies market find| Mint top: Pinklemore| Pants: Department store find| Flats: Car car find

Location: Lai Chi Kook road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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