Kwentong Salu-salo @ Hukad & Golden Cowrie

Every Cebuano’s favorite go- to restaurant to get their Filipino food fix have given us another reason to put them on the top of our list. Aside from providing us with great food, an upbeat ambiance, amazing service and a place to create lots of memories with the people we enjoy spending our favorite parts of the day with; Hukad has given us more reasons to love them through the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign.

Everyone has a great story to tell whether if it’s with friends, family or even both at the same time and the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign encourages everyone to share it with the whole world! By simply sharing your memories at Golden Cowrie/ Hukad and uploading them hereyou get a chance to win a P10,000.00 GC or an iPad mini.

Everybody knows that the Filipino’s favorite part of the day is meal time and when we combine the two things we Filipinos are best known for: Food and Selfies, who knows what greatness can come out of it? So whether you’re a Dalagang Pilipina, one of the boys or a part of a Pamilyang Pilipino- make sure to capture and share your favorite memories at Hukad and Golden Cowrie!

Check out their other videos for inspiration:


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