Lechon, Anyone?

Some Sundays my family and I like to drive down to Talisay to experience one of the best things about Cebu… our LECHON, of course.

For those who don’t know, lechon is a roasted whole pig, piglet, or cattle seasoned in spices, cooked in charcoal and is a popular dish of the Philippines

I always get really excited when my parents tell us where we’re having lunch after Sunday mass and oftentimes, I think they even use it as a bribe to get me to go along with them.

So THIS time, I made sure to document it.

The Lechon place my family prefers to go to is located somewhere along Talisay and is in line with Dakbayan sa Talisay. (will post video soon). This lechon strip is a haven for everyone who could care less about their diets and loves everything greasy, fatty… and doesn’t care much for fine dinning.

At around P185.00/ kilo families can enjoy eating Lechon like a true Cebuano, kinamot style or my version: kinamot wrapped in plastic style. 😉

Let’s be honest, people don’t really go to the Talisay Lechon strip for anything other than the Lechon but it doesn’t hurt to have these food offered anyways. Chicharon Bulaklak, barbecued everything and dirty ice cream at the side of the road… makes living in the Philippines sound just a little bit better despite all the sh*t we’ve been going through lately.

Our personal preference is Mila’s Lechon. But there are a lot to choose from.

Best times to go are at 10:00 am- 12:00 nn


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