Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

I know a lot of fashion bloggers don’t usually post pictures of them wearing the same things over and over again and I’m well aware that I am not one of them.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t but when it comes down to this shirt, I’m not and I’m never really gonna care what anyone has to say about me. IT’S SUPER MARIO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, can you blame me??

Blazer: Laundry Clothing| SUPER MARIO SHIRT: Targer| Pants: Tickled Pink| Belt: Moms| Watch: Fossil| Flats: Given

Sorry, I can only be a girl for soo long.

For tomboyish girls like me, you can never really go wrong with investing in good blazers.

They’re perfect for adding a little bit of flare to any outfit whether if you’re opting for a casual feel or you just wanna go all out power trippy.

Though, I seriously think I need to stop posing like a boy sometimes. I really do look like a lesbian here, don’t I??

Thanks Tita Balut for these pretty shoes! :*



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